Doing Now !!!ALL DONE

Currently I am trying to finish the templating of Systematic MC samples with new observable 'mT2'. The following table lists all the systematic sources in consideration and the corresponding needed MC samples that I know. That means I still have to find out what other MC samples we should use to calculate the some of these systematic uncertainties.

I sent a email to Wojciech asking about where those oringinal templates are so that I can save much time without having to run templating again. But I am still wait for his reply.
We found most of the original templates and I am trimming them now. Some templates are still now found and I will try to generate them.

Here I summarize some questions that I just thought about:

  1. In column "MC samples needed" of the following table, there are a lot of blanks, and that means I don't know what samples to use yet. The CDF web page about this is not totally clear!

  2. In "b-jet energy scale" two MC samples "ttkt75_bes_0.99.root" and "ttkt75_bes_1.01" need to be used, but unfortunately I didn't find them in jahred's icaf area(I think the backup in HEP machine doesn't contain them, again sorry about my fault). So I am wondering how to prepare these two templates?

  3. Luckly we have most of the templates now!!!

Templating of Systematic MC Samples
Systematic Sources
MC Samples Needed
Calculating Algorithm

Residual JES

    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-1_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-4_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-5_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-6_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-7_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_jetsystcode_+/-8_+/-1.0.root
    • ttkt75_+/-7000,..+/-7004.root
  1. Background templates(DIL and L+J, locate in /bkgd_HFOR/)
  Almost finish templating and trimming except that for "fakes(DIL)" background we don't have +/-1,4,...8 and +/-7000,...,7004, and we will need the data from Cross Section group to finish this !


  1. Diffreence
    • otop1s
    • Pythia ttkt75
  2. Cross Check
    • MC_NLO
      1. mtop75_0.0.root
      2. ctop75_0.0.root
    • ALPGEN
      1. otop1q_0.0.root
      2. atop0p_0.0.root + atop1p_0.0.root

Parton Distrubution Functions

By Reweighting    

B Jet Energy Scale

  1. Cal Response
    • ttkt75_bes0.99.root
    • ttkt75_bes1.01.root
  2. Semi-Leptonic BRs
    • Nominal ttkt75
    • weight_bsig10_csig10
    • weight_bsig-10_csig-10
  3. b-Fragmentation
    • Nominal ttkt75
    • sldw
    • adow

Background Shape

Two ways:
  1. bkgdfilenum
  2. reweight_bkevents_file
  The first file is in TMTCode/kdecode/, but still don't know where the second file is.

ggbar Fusion Fraction

By Reweighting    

ISR/FSR Radiation

  • otop03
  • otop04

MC Statistics

By running BootStrap    

Lepton Energy Scale

  1. electron
    • ttkt75_lese_0.99.root
    • ttkt75_lese_1.01.root
  2. muon
    • ttkt75_lesmu_0.99.root
    • ttkt75_lesmu_1.01.root

Pile Up


To Do Before January

Before early January, tons of things need to be done. Here is a list of stuff that I can think about:

  1. Work out all the systematics!!!

  2. Run bootstraps to work out the error for those systematics. But I still don't know how to run bootstrap yet and will need Hyun Su's help before he leaves USA back home!