Procedures To Go Back To China

Items Date Description
OIA not done To get a signature
Go to Nobuko not done To get a doc
Air Tickets Done on Apr 14, 2009
Transcripts to be picked up at Registrar's Office Order from CMore(no fee)
VISA   US Embassy
  1. Visa Appointment
  2. Visa Fee receipt from CITIC Bank
  3. Visa Interview

Procedures To Renew Visa

Items Notes Description
Appointment via Phone  
  • Pay fee online for Appointment
  • Call from:
    • USA: 01186-21-3881-4611
    • China:4008-872-333
  • Things need when call:
    • paper pen to write down appointment num
    • Name, PinYing, Birth
    • Passport num
    • ID num in China
    • Phone, EMail
Visa Fee  
  • TWO receipts(yellow and white)
  • NO folding
  • Copy of Passport ??
Sites about Visa Info  
Once Checked  

Materials Needed to Apply a VISA

Officially Required:
  1. Passport
  2. I-20
  3. (CITIS)中信收据
  4. DS-156, 157, 158: EN-CN ( better carry a blank copy just in case )
  5. Photos
  6. Official Transcripts ( College-Grad.)
  7. Offer Letter
  8. GRE, TOEFL Score
  9. SEVIS Fee receipt
Better To Take With:
  1. CV
  2. Research/Study Plan
  3. Supervisor's CV and Personal Web
  4. A Letter From Nobuko
  5. Abstract of Papers ever published
  6. Copy of Emails and Letters in USA
  7. Certificate of Graduation and Degree
  8. ID ?
Other Supporting Materials (Maybe needed for "Administrative Checking"):
  1. Certificate of Award
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Introduction of research to layman


Some Notices:
  1. Some Money
  2. Pen, glue
  3. Phone num and Address in China

Others Useful Info

Hotels and Transportation Maps: