How to Use Athena


check out Athena package
Digitization Codes

Run Athena Locally

    How to use the script to submit the muon trainning jobs:
  1. Refer to /home/tangjian/submissions/ or THIS
  2. go to your athena dir: /home/tangjian/FastTrackerAnalysis/summer2010 and type source ./
  3. run commands from separatly:
    1. -c 'RandomSeed1 = 78200 ; RandomSeed2=8000200 ' (this generate four-momentum for all event. Note: remove %RNDM from the .sh script to run locally)
    2. ./ ParticleGenerator.pool.root hits.pool.root -1 0 112200 ATLAS-GEO-02-01-00 QGSP_BERT NONE NONE OFLCOND-SIM-00-00-06,, (Note: replace the "%DB=..." option with "NONE", and 112200 is the random number and you have to remove '%RNDM=' in all the scripts )
    3. ./ hits.pool.root rdo.pool.root -1 0 ATLAS-GEO-02-01-00 98200 84200 NONE NONE,,,, NONE AtRanluxGenSvc QGSP_BERT default NONE NONE NONE False OFLCOND-SIM-00-00-06 (This is the digitization process. Note: again replace the "%DB=..." option with "NONE", also -1 option is for the default 20,000 events, you can change it to whatever positive number you want, say 100)
    4. (this generate wrapper files)
    5. bzip2 ftksim_wrap_raw.dat (tarball the wrapper file)

    Generate tracks from wrapper files--How to compile correctly:
  1. cd ~tangjian/FastTrackerAnalysis/summer2010/
  2. source ~antonk/setup/
  3. echo $ROOTSYS and echo $SITEROOT to check the version
  4. cd TrigFTKSim/standalone
  5. source
  6. gmake clean
  7. gmake -f -j4 (-j4 uses 4 CPUs)
  8. [to check if it works:] $./road_finder (this test the compiled codes)

  9. cd ../../TrigFTKAna
  10. source
  11. gmake clean
  12. gmake -j4
  13. [to check if it works:] $ ana/ana_standard_overview
  14. ** you can refer to HERE and HERE
  15. To Run SingleMuon events:
    ./ -a fullchain,STOP,ana(optional) -d raw_11L_50x64x144_20KSingleMuonsJuly23rd -n100 -o MAXPATTERNS=8000000 -r /share/ftkdata1/tangjian/deadchannels -t /share/ftkdata/antonk/bases/v14 -p -m4 -q pbs(or use 'threaded_4')
  16. [see THIS error log, jobs in tier3 are deleted for some user randomly]

    What to do after change the digitization codes:
  1. go to the Digitization code dir: /home/tangjian/FastTrackerAnalysis/summer2010/InnerDetector/InDetDigitization
  2. apply the code changes you want (will be detailed later)
  3. go to the "cmt" dir of each of the subdirs of InDetDigitization and type "cmt make"
  4. then submit muon trainning jobs locally following the instructions above

  1. Click HERE to see the result presented on Sep 20th, 2010

Disable Channels

    I: Disable All Pixels
  1. In InnerDetector/InDetDigitization/SiDigitization/src/SiRandomDisabledCellGenerator.cxx [Line 87: replace 'if(RandFlat::**)' with if(true), which results in only sct hits in the wrapper file, so this is where we can work on dead-channel enabling stuff.]
    II: Disable SCT channels (add parameter in jobOption file)
  1. In folder './SCT_Digitization/share/' add 'sct.DisableProbability = 0.5555' to set the disable prob of SCT
  2. In constructor of 'SCT_Digitization' add 'declareProperty("DisableProbability", m_disableProbability=0.0, "Testing new disable prob variable");'
  3. In 'SCT_Digitization.cxx' method 'SCT_Digitization::initDisabledCells()', add 'm_sct_RandomDisabledCellGenerator->setDisableProbability(m_disableProbability);'


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