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August 27th--First day of my ACE shift(overlap w/ Nazim)

A few things/tips during the day shift

  1. ProcMon
  2. What to Ignore when excluding sth.: This Link
  3. If some crates stucked there, try "Shepherd" it
  4. Beginning of ACE shift summary

    Ace Beginning Shift Summary:
    - L2 Torture is still running from the owl shift.
    - Frequent done T/O on tstcot1 noticed in owl shift.
    System Status:
    - Global Alarms: CLC/CPR have purple heartbeat alarm. GAM has grey D box. CSW in yellow. ICI has grey H box. Everything else is green.
    - HV Summary: TOF/SVX/ISL/CPR/L00 show residual voltage. CSW in yellow near 100. CMU/CMP/CMX/BMU/MSK/CSX/CSP/BSU/TSU/CEM/CHA/WHA in green, PEM/PHA/PSH in blue (standby).
    - Process Systems Alarms: Gas, COT, yellow with silenced alarms.
    - ProcMon: SAR disabled, Downtime entries disabled.
    - DAQMon: All green
    - VxWorks: all green.
    Shift Plan
    - Running L2 Torture with a cosmic run once COT work is completed.
    - Perform Calibrations

  5. End of ACE shift summary

    Ace Shift End Summary:
    Currently Running: Nothing. Bill has Run Control
    - David Clark came in to look at PTM alarm that has been intermittent.
    - Error found in COT17 running on Partition 4. We have switched back to partition 0 at jdl's request.
    - SVT08 has been acting up and was excluded from several runs. SVT experts currently working with all SVT crates.
    System Status:
    - Global Alarms: GAM has grey D box, ICI has grey H box. CLC/CPR have purple heartbeat
    - Process Systems Alarms: Gas, COT yellow with silenced alarms. SVX, ISL, L00 have red text and silenced alarms.
    -HV Summary: TOF/SVX/ISL/CPR show residual voltage.
    CSW/MSK/CSX/CSP/BSU/TSU/CEM/CHA/WHA/CMU/CMX/BMU in green, PEM/PHA/PSH in blue (standby).
    - ProcMon: SAR disabled, Downtime Entries Disabled.
    - DAQMon: SVT in red
    - VxWorks: b0svt08 in red.
    Special Instructions:
    - Run on partiton 0 only until further notice.
    - No need to IgnoreReces during cosmics or L2 torture anymore.
    - CLC CAEN crate has been locked out, and thus CLC monitoring will give errors when monitoring is started.

August 28th

2nd day of my ACE shift(Nazim could really talk, 8 hours straight!!!)

  1. Tips
  2. Shot Setup CHecklist tips:

August 29th:

3rd day of my ACE shift

  1. EventBuild:soft event builder: RC -> Proxy -> SoftEvtBuild.
  2. Done Time Out/Evb: go to "Ace Control for EVB2 & L3 farm" on L3 monitor
  3. CMX tripped: first go to "MUON3" click that particular part and try standby then back to ON; if doesn't work, do the same thing for the whole CMX;

Go to July's log

August 31st

Quick Reference for ACE

  1. Global Alarms & Its Corresponding PCs--Look At Here.
    PC name Detector
    COT1 COT - Central Outer Tracker
    SVXIICON SVX - Silicon Vertex Chamber
    ISL - Intermidiate Silicon Layer
    L00 - Silicon Layer 0
    MUON3 CMU - Central Muon Chambers
    CMP - Central Muon Upgrade Chambers
    CMX - Central Muon Extension Chambers
    BMU - Barrel Muon Chambers
    CES - Central Strip Chambers
    CCR - Central Crack Chambers
    VOLTMAN PSM - Power Supply Monitor
    CDFTEMP PTM - Plug Temperature Monitor
    PISABOX CEM - Central EM Calorimeter
    CHA - Central HAD Calorimeter
    WHA - Wall HAD Calorimeter
    CDFPEHV PEM - Plug EM Calorimeter
    PHA - Plug HAD Calorimeter
    PSH - Plug Shower Counters
    TOF1 TOF - Time Of Flight Counter
    CCU (CDF56183) CSP - Central Muon Scintillator Upgrade
    CSX - Central Muon Scintillator Extension
    BSU - Barrel Muon Scintillator Upgrade
    TSU - Toroid Muon Scintillator Upgrade
    CSW - Central Muon Scintillator Wall
    MSK - Miniskirt Muon Scintillator
    CLC1 CLC - Cerenkov Luminosity Counters
    BSC - Beam Shower Counters
    CPR - Central Preradiator Chambers

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