Correction Factor forelectron pair events

A Z0 decays into an particle-antiparticle pair that fly off at an angle theta to the direction of the incoming electron-positron pair:


In selecting muon pair and tau pair events we have allowed pretty much all possible values for the angle theta. However, in selecting electron pair we have left out any events for which theta is less than 45 degrees.

(Look carefully at any electron pair events you observe. They will all occur at angles which are at least 450 from the beam axis. In contrast, in the muon pair and tau pair events sometimes the particles are at very small angles to the beam direction.)

The fact that we have left some electron pair events out means that the number of electron pair events you observe will be smaller than if we had kept them all. Therefore we have to apply a "correction factor" to get the "total" number of electron pair events. This correction factor turns out to have the value 1.6.

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Pezouna Pieri. June 1998.