The Challenge (Part 4)

Part 4 of the challenge is a little bit more difficult. Events of the types you met in Parts 2 and 3 will be mixed up together. We won't tell you in advance which is which. So, first you have to decide whether the event you're looking at is the type in which a particle-antiparticle pair has been produced (like Challenge Part 2) or it is the type of event in which a W+W- pair has been produced (like Challenge Part 3). After you've done that then see if you can identify exactly which sort of event you're looking at!

Event 31
Event 32
Event 33
Event 34
Event 35
Event 36
Event 37
Event 38
Event 39
Event 40
Event 41
Event 42
Event 43
Event 44
Event 45
Event 46
Event 47
Event 48
Event 49
Event 50

Once you've successfully identified each of these events, then please:
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Terry Wyatt. March 1997.