Public Talks
Searches for New Physics at the LHC (Pheno 2016: Spring 2016, Pittsburgh)
Searches for New Physics at the Energy Frontier (APS: Division of Particles and Fields: Summer 2015, Ann Arbor)
Real-Time Flavor Tagging in ATLAS (APS: Division of Particles and Fields: Summer 2015, Ann Arbor)
New Trigger Capabilities with FTK (Higgs Exotic Decay Working Group: Spring 2015, fermilab)
Fast Track Finding at the LHC: How and Why. (Seminar Spring 2015: Chicago / UPenn / Pittsburgh )
Introduction to Run-2. (Chicago-land workshop for ATLAS Run-2 physics.)
Experimental Studies of di-higgs. (Summary for ATLAS+CMS, Higgs Couplings 2014.)
Higgs Physics Post-Discovery: What We Know and Where We Are Going. (UChicago HEP Seminar, Fall 2013.)
1st Hww results with full Run I LHC Data set. (cds) (Apsen HEP Higgs Quo Vadis, March 2013)
Hww with ATLAS. (General Physics/HEP Audiance, UC HEP Lunch Seminar January 14th.)
Thesis Defense: Hww and the Discovery of the Higgs Boson. (General Physics Audiance)
Particle Physics and the Higgs. (High School Kids, Quark Net at Penn. 1 July, 2012)
Particle Physics for Little Kids. (3rd Graders at Greenfield Elementary. May, 2012)
H->WW Search and WW Cross Section Measurement with ATLAS (HEP Seminar at Berkeley (LBNL RPM). 12 January 2012)
H->WW in 5 minutes! (Funding agencies, USLUO lighting round)
Standard Model Measurements at ATLAS (HEP Physicist, Moriond EW March 2011)
Atlas ID Alignment (HEP Physicist, APS May 2009)
Alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector (HEP Physicist ACAT, November 2008)

ATLAS Interal Talks
Hww Aspen
Talks as a graduate student (ATLAS Internal)