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Large-Area Pico-second Resolution Time-of-Flight Detector Development

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Talks

The Challenges and Applications of Sub-psec Large-area Detectors; TIPP, Amsterdam NH; June 5, 2014 (PPT) (PDF)

Prospects and Plans for LAPPDs: First Annie Collaboration Meeting; (PPT) (PDF)

Developing Large-Area Psec Photodetectors; 2nd Bejing Meeting; (PDF)

Large-Area Psec Photodetectors: Applications and Development; Colloquium, IIT, April 11, 2013; (PDF) (PPT)

Three Years of LAPPD; DOE Review, Argonne, Dec. 18, 2012; (PDF) (PPT)

Commercialization: For Rocky, Sept. 12, 2012; (PDF)

Andrey's Seal, for Rocky, Sept. 12 2012; (PDF)

Development of Large-Area Psec Photodetectors; SLAC Seminar, June 20, 2012; (PDF) (PPT)

Development of Large-Area Psec Photodetectors; RealTime 2012, Berkeley Cal., June 11, 2012; (PDF) (PPT)

Electronics and System Integration for Large-Area, Pico-Second Photodetectors; SORMA_West, Oakland Ca, May 17, 2012; (PDF) (PPT)

Ultra-fast Timing etc.; Light11, Ringwald Castle, Germany; Oct. 10, 2011 (PDF) (PPT)

ANT11 Neutrino Detector Conference, Phil. NJ; Oct. 10, 2011 (PDF) (PPT)

Uli Baur Memorial, Sept. 24, 2011 (PDF) (PPT)

EFI Colloquium, May. 2, 2011 (PDF) (PPT)

Talk on LAPPD at the Knowxville IEEE Workshop, Oct.31, 2010 (PDF)

The Large-Area Psec PhotoDetector Project: Argonne Oct 6, 2010 (PPT)

The Large-Area Psec PhotoDetector Project: Argonne Oct 6, 2010 (PDF)

What Does It Take to Start a University-Lab Detector Program?: Fermilab Detector Workshop, Oct 8, 2010 (PPT)

The Development of Large-Area Psec Planar Photo-Detectors and How the US might Regain the Energy Frontier March 20, 2010 (PPT)

The Development of Large-Area Psec Planar Photo-Detectors, Austin TX, March 20, 2010 (PPT)

The Development of Large-Area Psec Planar Photo-Detectors- slides for DOE, March 10, 2010 (PPT)

The Development of Large-Area Psec Planar Photo-Detectors, Austin TX, March 20, 2010 (PPT)

Fermilab Talk for Chris Hill, March 4, 2010 (PPT)

The Large-Area Psec Photo-Detector Collaboration
DOE HEP Site Visit, Argonne; Sept. 23-24, 2009 (PPT)

The Development of Large-Area Psec-Resolution Detectors; HEPD Presentations and Visit,
Argonne; June 6, 2009 (PPT)

Testing the Standard Model; A History and Rationale for Signature-Based Searches;
Pheno09, Madison Wisconsin, May 11, 2009 (PPT)

The Development of Large-Area Psec-Resolution Detectors;
Advanced Photon Source Users Meeting, Argonne; May 6, 2009 (PPT)

LHCb Upgrade- informal hash of slides for an LHCb Upgrade group meeting; April 9, 2009 (PPT)

Goals of the Workshop on Development of Large Area Fast Photo-detectors Feb. 26 , 2009, Argonne National Laboratory (PPT)

Development of Large Area Fast Photo-detectors Feb. 3 , 2009, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PPT)

Large Area Micro-Pore Photo-detectors Dec 20. , 2008, Argonne National Laboratory (PPT)

Timing in HEP Oct 14, 2008, Lyon France (PPT)

Development of Large-Area Psec TOF, ANL/Fermilab/UC Collaborative Presentations, Jun 26, 2008 (PPT)

Thoughts Invoked By Dr. Atomic Jan 19, 2008 (PPT) (PDF)

Precision Measurements and Signature-Based Searches at the Tevatron, XXXV International Meeting on Fundamental Physics, Santiago de Compostela, Spain; May 28, 2007 (PPT or PDF)
Lecture 1 (PPT) (PDF)
Lecture 2 (PPT) (PDF)
Lecture 3 (PPT) (PDF)

Precision Measurements, Small Crossections, and Non-Standard Signatures- The Learning Curve at a Hadron Collider: Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, Mich May 12, 2007 (PPT) (PDF)

Precision Measurements and Signature-Based Searches at the Tevatron (Physics at the LHC: From Experiment to Theory), Princeton March 21, 2007 (PPT) (PDF)

Pico-second Time of Flight (IBM; March 20, 2007) (PPT) (PDF)

Pico-second Time of Flight (Saclay, France; March 8 and 9) (PPT)

The Ultimate Potential of the Tevatron (Granlibakken, Feb 26, 2007) (PPT)

The Ultimate Potential of the Tevatron (Granlibakken, Feb 26, 2007) (PDF)

For Gordy Kane's 70th Birthday (Jan. 19, 2007) (PPT)

Picosecond Timing: Why Simulation is Essential (Dec. 12, 2006) (PPT)

Picosecond Timing Development: Presentation to the DOE (Sept. 06, 2006) (PPT)

Hard Parton Scattering: for Jim Cronin's 75th Fest (Sept. 9, 2006) (PDF)

Lake Louise Winter Conference Lecture I (Feb 17-23, 2006) (PDF)

Lake Louise Winter Conference Lecture II (PDF) (Feb 17-23, 2006)

Topics At the Tevatron: CDF and D0 at 1.96 TeV, and a Christmas Wish List
(2004 Annual Theory Meeting, Durham UK, Dec. 16, 2004) (PPT)

Visions of Experimental Particle Physics -Where Are We Going?
(Invited Talk, Aspen Winter Conference; Jan. 26, 2003) (Postscript)

Signature Based Searches, High Pt Leptons, Top Physics; Some UC Interests and Contributions (Talk to the NSF, Fermilab; Nov. 19th, 2002) (Postscript)

Making Precision QCD Measurements at Very High Energies
(Talk at Matrix Element Workshop, Oct. 4th, 2002) (Postscript)

Standard Model Backgrounds for the Top Dilepton and W+Jets Analyses (Talk at W+Jets, Dilepton Groups, Oct. 23th, 2002) (Postscript)

Erin Abouzaid's Talk on W/Z Ratio Work (Erin's Talk at W+Jets Meeting, Sept. 30, 2002) (Postscript)

What Could Experiment Tell String Theory? (Talk at EFI Mini-Symposium, Oct. 26th, 2001)

Higgs Searches At the Tevatron (Invited Talk at SUSY2000, CERN, Geneva, Switz. June 27th, 2000)) (Postscript)

Introduction to High Pt Physics at the Tevatron (Two Lectures at the NATO Summer School, Cargese, France, July 1998) (Postscript)

Searches for Supersymmetry at the Tevatron (SUSY98, Oxford England, June 1998)

A New Measurement of the $W$ Mass, (Moriond, Les Arc, France, May 1995)

Recent Results of Searches for New Particles (including top) at Fermilab (Eilat, Red Sea, Israel, May,1994)

What Isn't Anomalous in CDF Run I Top Data, and What Is Anomalous (Brief talk at the Thinkshop on Top Quark Physics for Run II, (Fermilab, Oct. 1998)

Published Papers

List of Published Papers. Updated July 15, 20010. (PDF Format)

Selected Papers

Signature-Based Searches: High-Pt Photons, Leptons, Missing Et

The Top Quark

Above the W and Z poles

  • FORWARD - BACKWARD CHARGE ASYMMETRY OF ELECTRON PAIRS ABOVE THE Z0 POLE. By CDF Collaboration (F. Abe et al.). FERMILAB-PUB-96-071-E, CDF-PUB-ELECTROWEAK-CDFR-3493, Mar 1996. 8pp. Published in Phys.Rev.Lett.77:2616-2621,1996

Weak Interactions- Properties of the W and the Z


Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for Psec Timing Clock with Expected 5 Femtosec Cycle-to-cycle Jitter

Link to Psec Group Documentation Web Page (Talks, Documents, Workshops, Etc.)

Talks and Papers:

Other Areas (still under construction- there are papers, but no links yet):

  • Kaon physics
  • High Pt single particle production; the discovery of `prompt' leptons (charm, actually, but in hind-sight)
  • Direct Leptons/Lepton pairs
  • Jets/hadron production
  • Magnetic Monopole Low-Temperature Searches

    CDF Internal Notes

    Internal notes show the real work in a big collaboration, including interesting new events and new directions. In addition, some of the basics of the experiment including the new hardware, are documented in the CDF notes. The index of notes I've worked on is given here- copies can be obtained by asking.

    Index of HJF Internal CDF Notes (List below is OLD- as of Sept., 2004--Click here for full list as of Sept. 2006)

    Selected CDF Notes:

    CDF7215: Cross Sections and Samples for SM Backgrounds to Multiple Gauge Boson Events; Sept. 2004
    CDF7140: Investigating Rho Backgrounds to Hadronic Tau Decay (with Matt Reece); July 2004
    CDF7040: Search for Photon-Lepton Events (with Andrei Loginov); In Progress
    CDF6638: Identification of $\taupipi$ at CDF (with Matt Reece) Aug. 2003
    CDF6352: Revisiting the `2-Jet Excess' in W+btags: Are we Calculating $W\bbbar$ and $W\ccbar$ Correctly?; March 2, 2003
    CDF6203: Using Track Impact Parameter to Distinguish Hadronically-Decaying Taus in Top Quark Decays ... (with Matt Reece); December 2, 2002
    CDF6057: Predicted Cross Sections for W+Photon and Z+Photon Production (with Chadd Smith) July 28, 2002
    CDF5963: The Ratio of W+N-jets To Z+N-jets Versus N As a Precision Test of the Standard Model (with Erin Collins); July 12, 2002
    CDF5938: The Merits of Stand-Alone Monte Carlo Generation April 27, 2002 (Talk at the CDF Monte Carlo Workshop April 27, 2002)
    CDF5882: A Run II event containing two photons, one positron and large MEt (with Ray Culbertson Beate Heinemann Petra Merkel and David Toback) December, 2002
    CDF3571: Minimal Zoosy (4 very interesting events that are rare in SM signatures)
    CDF3572: A Search for New Physics in Events with a Photon, B-tag, and Missing Et (A Stop Squark Search based on high-pt Photons)
    First Observation of ttbar+gamma? (A good control signature for ttbar+Higgs)
    One of several high-Pt W/Z bosons back-to-back with a high-Pt photon and a mass approx. 400 GeV. (Rare in the SM- will see in Run 2 if we get a peak near 400-450...)
    Lego plot for the same event.
    Two high-Et photons, two high-Et electrons, and 55 GeV of missing Et.
    Two high-Et photons, two high-Et muons, and two jets. (see App. A of Toback's thesis)
    The trilepton event (zipped) _OR_, The trilepton event (unzipped), in the top sample but utterly untop-like (3 isolated leptons, one with Et of 190 GeV, 115 GeV of met, 1 jet of 95 GeV,..)
    The CTC display (zipped) for the _OR_ The CTC display (unzipped) for the trilepton event.
    The highest mass dilepton pair (mass of 500 GeV); the two highest have `wrong' F-B asymmetry.
    An event with a central Z at rest, two large rapidity gaps, 2 forward large jets, and an invariant mass of more than 900 GeV. Is this a single case of boson-boson fusion? (see page 7).


    1. My Former Graduate Students And Where They Are Now (Postscript Format):

    2. 2003: Peter Onyisi Wins the APS Apker Award!

    3. Physics 900: Acing the GRE. (Description of a preparatory course for the GRE for UC Seniors applying to Physics Grad Schools

    4. Why Do We Pay So Much Attention to the GRE Scores of the Seniors at Other Institutions and So Little (None?) To Our Own? Rationale for A Course on the GRE

    5. Talk to Graduate Students at New Perspectives 2001; Fermilab, June 13, 2001

    Primary and Secondary Education Reform

    Believe in the Public Schools and the Chicago School Reform Movement
    Teachers Academy for Math and Science: Chicago Education Federation

    Essays (links are being worked on)

    1. The Spare Parts Theorem (H. Eyring)
    2. The Three Kinds of Light
    3. Is D0 More Sensitive Than CDF?
    4. Thoughts on Authorship on Big Experiments.
    5. The APS Statement on Science and The Laws of Physics
    6. The Student as Customer?
    7. The Culture of Contentment and Big Science
    8. A Modest Proposal for Improving the College
    9. Bombing Them Back Into the Stone Age; A Better Proposal
    10. Where Has the Vision Gone? (Essay to be submitted to Ferminews, Sept 14, 2003).
    11. A Note to Our Toronto Colleagues
    12. Ben Franklin on Writing by Committee (not an essay, but related to the Note to Our Toronto Colleagues above)
    13. Talk on Authorship and Reproducibility in Science at the History of Science Society/Philosophy of Science Association Joint Meeting, Austin TX, Nov. 2004

    Work in Progress

    Fermilab Schedule

    1. Letter to John Peoples, Mar. 30, 1995
    2. Electronics Installation Schedule, Jul. 2, 1998
    3. Accelerator Schedule, Fall, 1999
    4. Run 2 Luminosity Projections, Fall, 1999
    5. Testimony to HEPAP Sept 29, 03
    6. Where Has the Vision Gone? (Essay for Ferminews, Sept 14, 2003).


    1. Backpacking in the Wind River Range, July 14-21,2001
    2. Conference in Tribute to Tranh, Moscow, June, 2001
    3. Tar file of E100/Cronin Pictures and Documents

    Proposals, Miscellaneous Documents, etc.

    1. NSF Recontre du Vietnam proposal
    2. Proposal to the NSF for a Joint Theory/Experiment Center (with Argonne, Fermilab, et al.)

    CDF Candidate Spokesperson Statement

    Draft Statement Dec 30, 2005


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