[Ykk_atlas] weekly meeting

Bjoern Penning penning at fnal.gov
Wed Jan 16 20:08:15 CST 2013

Dear all

This is a reminder of our weekly group meeting. We will meet as usual
Friday, 5pm.
We will connect from UC to Fermilab ( <%281312.225.92.39>) and
meet on the 2nd floor HEP and 10th floor Wilson Hall.


Bjoern Penning

@Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory         @CERN
Kirk Rd. & Pine St.                                       Bldg. 4-R-028
P.O. Box  500, MS 357                                 CERN CH-1211
Batavia, IL 60510-0500                                 Genève 23
USA                                                            Switzerland
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