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Yasuyuki Okumura Yasuyuki.Okumura at cern.ch
Sun Feb 3 13:24:02 CST 2013

Dear all,

Sorry but, I was kicked out at the end of today's meeting
probably due to network issue.

Actually I had two announcement, and see below, please.

Regards, Yasu

about my travel schedule,
I will be at CERN for a week next week in order to join ATLAS week.
( I will leave Chicago on Monday and back on Sunday.  )

I will forward an e-mail for the advertisement for ILC TDR draft
( which encourages people to join the list of signatories ).
If you are interested in the ILC physics,
it will be good to have a look at the TDR draft.

Dear Colleagues,

We write to remind you of the signatory call for the completed TDR/DBD
report of the ILC,
which is to be completed soon, and encourage you to join the list of
signatories. The
TDR/DBD is a compilation of the achievements of the R&D activities during
the Letter of
Intent period. The contents reflect large contributions by very many
people. The most
recent update of the report can be obtained from the following web page.


We plan to include in the list of signatories for the report those who
contributed to this
report in any way or wish to join the activity in the next stage, as well
as those who wish to
record their support for advancing this global effort. We invite all
interested physicists to
look at the draft and sign-the signatories list through the web page below.


The DBD will be one part of the ILC Technical Design Report along with the
volumes. The entire list of signatories including both accelerator
contributors and
physics/detector contributors will appear in each volume. Accelerator
physicists are also
invited to sign this database to insure inclusion in the joint signatories
list. Duplications of
this list with other collections by the GDE will be removed, so do not
hesitate to sign this
list if you want to be guaranteed of inclusion.

Please note that signing the TDR/DBD does not require a formal commitment
construction of the designed detectors nor exclusive support for the ILC
over other collider

We plan to submit the completed version of the draft to ILCSC by its next
meeting on
February 21. Thus, it is appreciated if you sign-in as soon as possible by
February 15.

The DBD editing group:
Ties Behnke, James Brau, Phillip Burrows, Juan Fuster, Michael Peskin,
Marcel Stanitzki, Yasuhiro Sugimoto, Sakue Yamada, Hitoshi Yamamoto

University of Chicago - Fermilab - ATLAS
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