[Ykk_atlas] Evening Picnic at the Millenium park (this week)

Karol Krizka kkrizka at uchicago.edu
Mon Aug 19 10:39:29 CDT 2013

FYI, the film was changed to Star Wars (a good episode).


Bjoern Penning <penning at fnal.gov> wrote:

Yes,  time and location are correct.  I suggest to meet a bit earlier, about 6pm,
 to have time to chat and eat before the show starts. Let's try get a spot close to the front on the lawn.
We can coordinate/find each other via cell phone.


On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 11:59 AM, Young-Kee Kim <ykkim at fnal.gov<mailto:ykkim at fnal.gov>> wrote:
Hi everyone,
My understanding is from Bjoern is that we will have a picnic Wed. evening (movie: Funny Face). Of course your significant others will be invited. I will provide food and drinks (I need your help with carrying them, though).

Could you confirm the time and location etc?


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