[Ykk_atlas] REU students

Young-Kee Kim ykkim at fnal.gov
Sat Apr 27 07:05:48 CDT 2013

Hi everyone,

Does any of you like to supervise an undergraduate student this summer?  They (from other universities and colleges) will be coming for 10 weeks.

Data analysis, hardware (including testing), simulation....  All could be fine.


From: David D. Reid [mailto:dreid at uchicago.edu]
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2013 1:23 PM
To: Young-Kee Kim
Subject: REU students

Hello Young-Kee,

I am writing to ask if you are willing to take on any REU students this summer? I really hope so because we have very few faculty members who will. Please let me know.

-- David

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