[Ykk_atlas] second draft of my slides for my first thesis committee meeting

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Tue Oct 30 08:52:46 CDT 2012

Hi Ho Ling

I agree with Young-Kee in both regards. The talk is much better and more
punchy. I think as well the FTK fits better in the end and the boosted Top
trigger studies allow you to make a good transition.

I have some small, sometimes nitpicking, comments below.



* Sometimes slide numbers are not visible, covered by plot etc.

* The talk still contains a lot of information. You should practice and try
to observe the time.

Slide 2: I would center the font to make it visually more clear this is the

Slide 4: capitalize Higgs or "Little Higgs" and 'Technicolor"
            be prepared to explain those if you put them down, but not need
for details

Slide 6: You may want to add the luminosity recorded so far because it
gives an idea how much data you are going to use for you thesis.

Slide 12: Interesting physics happens rarely -> Physics we are interested
in happens rarely

Slide 13: You detail pile ups and bunch crossing rate and state that the
decision has to be improved, but not why. You may want to add (or just say)
that these pile up conditions degrade e.g. lepton isolation

Slide 15/16: You may be able to move the either the left or the top right
picture of you to slide 15 and tighten this one up a bit. Saves a bit of

Slide 18: I would just show here the actual latest available limit plot
 (slide 36?) and give the information of the first one or two bullet points
in the plot.

Slide 25: You already mention that earlier, but it may be good to emphasize
again that this is YOUR (and Jeremy's) analysis only and your thesis

Slide 27: This one plot looks a bit lost here, maybe you can ad some other
interesting distributions (e.g. dR(b,t)). The Legend is too smal to read.

Slide 28/29: To save time you could merge those two slides

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 7:43 AM, Young-Kee Kim <ykkim at fnal.gov> wrote:

>  Dear Ho Ling,
>  Much better, but more improvement can be made.
>  I would not put your trigger work under W prime analysis, since FTK is
> nothing to do with your physics analysis.  I would take those slides out
> and put them at the end. You could say that while you are working on the W'
> analysis, you have been working on the trigger upgrade for ATLAS for the
> next generation of physics analysis.
>  The meeting is the committee only meeting and is not open to others
>  Cheers
> Young-Kee
> Sent from my iPhone
> On Oct 30, 2012, at 1:53 AM, "Ho Ling Li" <hlli at uchicago.edu> wrote:
>   Hello all,
>  Here are the second draft of my slides:
> Open Office version: <https://webshare.uchicago.edu/users/hlli/Public/2012_11_02v2.odp>
> https://webshare.uchicago.edu/users/hlli/Public/2012_11_02v2.odp
> PDF version: <https://webshare.uchicago.edu/users/hlli/Public/2012_11_02v2.pdf>
> https://webshare.uchicago.edu/users/hlli/Public/2012_11_02v2.pdf
> Power Point version: <https://webshare.uchicago.edu/users/hlli/Public/2012_11_02v2.ppt>
> https://webshare.uchicago.edu/users/hlli/Public/2012_11_02v2.ppt
>  When I wrote the talk, I used Open Office. Sometimes, things may display
> weirdly if I convert odp to ppt or vice versa. Hopefully, the ppt version
> of the slides are okay. Please let me know if you encounter some issues.
> Feel free to comment! Thanks!
>  Young-Kee, Jeremy is interested in attending the committee meeting on
> Friday. Does the meeting only allow committee members and the student to
> attend? Can collaborators attend as well?
>  Regards,
> Ho Ling
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