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Hi everyone

Do you have any opinions on these lectures?


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Hi Young-Kee,

I would appreciate it if you can conduct a little preliminary market research with
your students and postdocs. I feel that we are missing something without the
academic lectures, but it would be helpful to know whether a potential audience
does exist.

We last mounted full programs in 2006-2007: <http://theory.fnal.gov/AcademicLecturesOld/AcademicLectures06-07.html> http://theory.fnal.gov/AcademicLecturesOld/AcademicLectures06-07.html
and 2005-2006: http://theory.fnal.gov/AcademicLecturesOld/AcademicLectures05-06.html.
There were mini-programs in 2007-2008: <http://theory.fnal.gov/AcademicLecturesOld/AcademicLectures08.html> http://theory.fnal.gov/AcademicLecturesOld/AcademicLectures08.html
and 2009: http://theory.fnal.gov/AcademicLectures.html, and nothing since.

If the young people you know exhibit a good level of interest, I will ask the FSPA officers to survey their membership.

Thank you!

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