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Thank you for the report, Ho Ling

I hope you are getting better with your cold. Please rest and drink a lot of water. And get well soon.


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Sorry that I missed the meeting. I caught a big cold in the middle of the week, and rested a lot in the past 2-3 days.

In the past week, I spent most of my time doing FTK. I am currently configuring a python file from ATLAS trigger and data acquisition (tdaq) setting to the FTK teststand setting at Argonne. That python file is a crucial piece to generate the partition with the correct setting of ROS at the teststand. Currently, I am encountering an issue with the last function of the python file. If I comment it out, I will not receive any error messages. However, I need it for setting the ROS correctly in the partition, so I am trying to figure out what causes the problem with the help of Jeremy.

Ho Ling

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Look!!!!  Plots!!!

On 12/13/2012 10:41 AM, Yasuyuki Okumura wrote:
Dear all,

[1] meeting reminder
We would like to have our group weekly meeting from Friday 5:00pm this week.
This meeting will be the last one during 2012 (see the schedule below)

The usual connection ("") is supposed to be used.

If Bjoern and/or HoLing can connect via ESNet
(510-423-9220<tel:%28510-423-9220> & 85955 followed by #),
please let us know so that we will change the connection into ESNet.

[2] Meeting schedule during end-of-year vacation
Considering member's schedule,
We will cancel the meeting from next week to the first week of January.
We will resume the weekly meeting on the second week of January
(i.e. Jan 11 (Friday) or Jan 13.)

See you tomorrow,

Regards, Yasu

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