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Monday Sept 25, 2017
PRC 201
Reception following

Speaker:  Maury Tigner (Cornell University)

Title:   Robert R. Wilson, from Frontier Wyoming to Weston Illinois
Abstract: I tell the story of Robert Wilson who came from modest beginnings in a very small town in Wyoming, and through difficult times as a child and youth to make his mark on history as founder and leader of a world premier science institution, Fermilab.  As a young man at Berkeley he plunged into the nuclear physics revolution enabled by Earnest O. Lawrence’s cyclotron accelerator invention and soon became a significant innovator in the accelerator arts himself.  This accomplishment earned him the position of Head of the Experimental Physics Division of the “Manhattan Project” during World War II. After the war and a brief interlude at Harvard Bob was recruited to be director of the new “Lab of Nuclear Studies” at Cornell University where he designed, built and used, with his colleagues, three electron synchrotrons before leaving to found the “National Accelerator Laboratory” at Weston, Illinois.
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