[Seminars] Reminder: Informal lunch talk Friday

jia liu liuj1 at uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 2 10:17:59 CDT 2017

Dear All,

Doojin Kim, a CERN postdoc who is visiting Fermilab will give an informal
lunch talk on Friday. Feel free to join.

DATE: Friday November 3, 2017

TIME: roughly 12:15 P.M.

LOCATION: PRC 3rd Floor Common Space

Speaker: Doojin Kim (CERN)

Title: A New Dark Matter (in)Direct Search Strategy

Abstract: I propose a new dark matter (DM) detection strategy for models
with a non-minimal dark sector. The strategy is to search for relativistic,
inelastic scattering signatures of DM at conventional DM direct detection
experiments via a DM interaction with target material inside the detector. The
signal process is characterized by an inelastic scattering of
relativistic/boosted DM, which may arise in multi-component DM scenarios,
into a heavier unstable dark-sector state which subsequently decays back
into DM along with visible particles. I will argue that the presence of the
secondary (visible) decay signature along with an energetic target recoil
is very unique, hence allow to unambiguously separate signal events from
associated background ones. I will then discuss some interesting
phenomenology including detection prospects at the above-mentioned
experiments, taking the dark photon scenario as a benchmark model.

Jia Liu
Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago,
Chicago, IL 60637, USA
liuj1 at uchicago.edu
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