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Monday May 8, 2017
ERC 401

Speaker: John Byrd (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

Title:   Towards attosecond control of accelerators

Abstract: One of the main scientific goals of the present decade is the study of the ultrafast dynamical processes down to femtosecond time scales and beyond. One of the primary experimental techniques is the optical/x-ray pump-probe where an optical laser pulses excites a molecular system and a subsequent ultrafast x-ray or electron pulse probes the state of the system. The manifestation of this dream will be the ability to make “molecular movies” of of complex chemical reactions. One of enabling technologies for producing these “movies” of chemical reactions is the ability to precisely synchronize the relative arrival times of the pump and the probe and maintain this synchronization for the duration of an experiment. For the next generation light sources, this implies precise synchronization of an optical laser system with an electron pulse. The ultimate goal is the ability to arbitrarily adjust and maintain the relative timing of the laser pump and electron probe pulse on the sample. I will describe the work going on in Berkeley on this subject.
John received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1991 and has been at Berkeley Lab ever since. He currently serves as program head for the Center for Beam Physics.
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