[Seminars] Particle Physics Seminar Today!

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Mon May 1 11:42:48 CDT 2017


Monday May 1, 2017
ERC 401

Speaker: Timothy Nelson (SLAC)

Title:    Searching for Dark Forces and Light Dark Matter with HPS and LDMX

Abstract: As the WIMP scenario for thermally-produced dark matter has become constrained by experiment, significant attention has been focused on the possibility that dark matter is only one element of a broader “dark sector" including both light dark matter and dark force carriers.  One of the first dedicated experiments searching for dark forces, the Heavy Photon Search (HPS), completed a pair of engineering runs in 2015 and 2016 and is producing first results from this data. Meanwhile, a dedicated accelerator-based search for light dark matter, the Light Dark Matter Experiment (LDMX), is being developed to definitely test thermally-produced dark matter over the entire MeV-GeV mass range below the viable mass range for WIMPs. The status of and results from HPS will be discussed along with future plans for both HPS and LDMX.
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