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Mon Jan 9 10:26:22 CST 2017


Monday January 9. 2017
ERC 401

Speaker: Richard Kessler (UChicago)

Title:  Next Questions in Neutrino Physics: Recent results from the NOvA Experiment

Abstract: The 2015 Nobel prize in physics was awarded for the discovery of neutrino oscillations
and mass in 1998. That discovery spawned a world-wide effort to better understand neutrino
properties using oscillations of neutrinos produced in the Sun, in the atmosphere, at reactors, and
by accelerators. While much has been learned since then, several important questions remain:
which neutrino is heaviest? Are there new symmetries in neutrino mixing? Do neutrinos break the
symmetry between matter and antimatter? Is the framework we use to understand neutrinos
complete or is there more? The NOvA experiment is designed to address each of these remaining
questions and has completed two years of operations. I will summarize the important factors that
guided the NOvA design and present the most recent measurements of muon neutrino oscillations
from the experiment.
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