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Mon Apr 17 14:12:01 CDT 2017


Monday April 17, 2017
ERC 401

Speaker: Corrinne Mills (UIC)

Title:   (BSM) Higgs boson physics at CMS

Abstract: Study of the Higgs boson is a centerpiece of physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  All collider measurements to date, including those of the Higgs boson, have reinforced the success of the Standard Model.  Why do we believe that will change, and where should we look?  Many compelling questions in fundamental particle physics, such as the nature of dark matter and the emergence of a matter universe from a matter-antimatter symmetric initial state, are potentially connected to the physics of Higgs bosons.  Improved measurements of the observed Higgs boson, searches for additional Higgs bosons, and searches for new particles decaying to Higgs bosons have essential and complementary roles.  With the 13 TeV LHC data, we are just beginning to see beyond the initial portrait of the scalar sector that emerged from the 7+8 TeV data.  I will review some recent results, and discuss how they form the foundations for a more complete exploration of the fundamental underpinnings of our universe.
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