[Seminars] Particle Physics Seminar Today! - April 3

Holly Jaffey holly2 at uchicago.edu
Mon Apr 3 10:28:31 CDT 2017


Monday April 3, 2017
ERC 401

Speaker: Peter Cooper (Fermilab)

Title:  K^+ —> (pi)^+vv Status and Progress of the NA62 Experiment at CERN

Abstract: NA62 is a CERN fixed target, decay in flight experiment, to measure the branching ratio of the ultra-rare charged Kaon decay mode into a pion and a neutrino pair.  This flavor changing neutral current decay is highly suppressed in the Standard Model (Br=8E-11) making it a very sensitive laboratory to search for beyond the Standard Model amplitudes.  Our goal is to observe 100 events to search for deviations from the Standard Model prediction at the 1ppm level relative to the full weak decay amplitude.   I will report on the experiment and the results of an analysis of 5% of the first 50 day of data from last fall when the whole experiment was fully commissioned and taking Physics quality data.
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