[Seminars] EFI Colloquium Today! - Nov 21

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Mon Nov 21 08:21:40 CST 2016

EFI Colloquium

Monday November 21, 2016
ERC 401

Speaker: Andrew Davis (The University of Chicago)

Title: Laboratory astrophysics with stardust and CHILI

Abstract: One of the most remarkable discoveries in astrophysics took place nearly 30 years ago: the discovery that meteorites contain tiny grains of stardust: condensates from the ejecta of stars that lived and died before the solar system formed. After several years of development, CHILI (CHicago Instrument for Laser Ionization), a resonance ionization mass spectrometer capable of lateral resolution better than one micrometer, high sensitivity, and near-freedom from isobaric interferences, has been applied to the study of the isotopic compositions of presolar silicon carbide. After reviewing presolar grains, I will describe the latest results from CHILI and their implications for stellar nucleosynthesis and galactic chemical evolution. I will also briefly describe the new scanning electron microscope/focused ion beam (SEM-FIB) in the Department of the Geophysical Sciences, an instrument with many applications in earth and planetary science that may also be of interested to other research areas in the EFI.

We look forward to seeing you there!
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