[Seminars] No speaker for 3/28: Cancel?

Henry J. Frisch frisch at hep.uchicago.edu
Mon Mar 28 12:15:01 CDT 2016

Max- the policy is that we have the lunch every monday, speaker or no.
Traditionally when there's no speaker lined up we ask someone to talk, or 
have a discussion of issues related to science. There are lots of things 
to talk about- gravitational waves, LHC performance, whatever. So, to 
repeat, there's ALWAYS a Monday lunch.
 	On the subject of invited speakers, the message that they 
shouldn't give a typical HEP seminar seems to get lost every time we have 
new folks running the seminar. I have a proposal- we codify what we've 
often used as instructions for speakers- no more than 20 transparencies, 
with less being better, and chalk-board much prefered.
 	We already have an HEP seminar- we've had a wonderful tradition 
with the lunch, and if we're to change it, it'll be a change in the 
attendees- I hope the tradition of 2-way information flow rather than a 
1-directional lecture stays intact.
 					Best regards- Henry

On Mon, 28 Mar 2016, 
Maximilian Swiatlowski wrote:

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> Hi everyone,
> Just to confirm: we are not having our lunch seminar today, but we will have the Chicagoland ATLAS-Pheno meeting tomorrow. Jimmy said heÿÿll be coming to UC for this, so we should have a great discussion in person!
> See you all tomorrow,
> Max
> On Mar 25, 2016, at 7:11 AM, Maximilian Swiatlowski <swiatlow at uchicago.edu<mailto:swiatlow at uchicago.edu>> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> After asking ~20 people over the past few months to speak on 3/28, I still havenÿÿt found a candidate for our weekly lunch seminar, so unless there is an emergency volunteer, I propose we cancel the lunch seminar.
> This is actually somewhat fortuitously timed, as on Tuesday 3/29 at noon we are planning on having the Chicagoland ATLAS-Pheno meeting to discuss results from Moriond: see the agenda Young-Kee circulated here https://indico.cern.ch/event/512544/ So I hope this will be a good alternative venue for our weekly informal discussions!
> Weÿÿll definitely resume the weekly lunch seminars the following week, 4/4.
> Best wishes,
> Max
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