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Monday January 11, 2016
ERC 401

Speaker: Igor Ostrovskiy (Stanford University)

Title: EXO-200: results, plans for Run2, and beyond

Abstract: EXO-200 is a liquid xenon experiment whose primary goal is to search for the neutrinoless double-beta decay of Xe-136. Such a process would violate the lepton number conservation and provide an insight into nature and absolute mass scale of neutrinos. The EXO-200 detector was designed and constructed to provide extremely low levels of background radioactivity, and has accumulated 100 kg*yr exposure to-date. This unique low background dataset was analyzed to establish one of the strongest limits on the effective Majorona mass, as well as to constrain some of the more exotic physics scenarios. The EXO- 200 collaboration is planning to restart running to accumulate more statistics and is pursuing new ideas that may allow one to significantly boost the sensitivity reach by improving the energy resolution and otherwise decreasing backgrounds in the region of interest. This talk will present the latest EXO-200 results and describe the plans for the new high sensitivity data run. In addition, a brief description of the contemplated next generation experiment (nEXO) will be given, together with its main current R&D activities.

If you’re interested in joining the guest speaker for dinner, please email me and/or Mark Oreglia.
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