[Seminars] HEP Seminar Today - Feb 29

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Mon Feb 29 10:00:42 CST 2016


Monday February 29, 2016
ACC 211

Speaker: Chris Marshall (University of Rochester)

Title: Kaon production by neutrinos at MINERvA

Abstract: Charged kaon production by atmospheric neutrinos is a background in searches for proton decay to K^{+} ¯v. Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories predict p —> K^{+} ¯v with lifetimes of order 10^{34} years, above the current experimental limit of 5.9 x 10^{33} years. The next generation of large underground detectors, DUNE and Hyper-K, should observe neutrino-induced events, and need a reliable cross section model to accurately predict the background rate. The MINERvA neutrino-nucleus cross section experiment uses a fine-grained solid scintillator detector with 3 ns timing resolution, which is capable of identifying K^{+} decay-at-rest events using both position and timing information. I will present new measurements of cross sections for charged- and neutral-current kaon production by muon neutrinos, as well as the first experimental evidence of coherent K^{+} production by neutrinos.
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