[Seminars] Accelerator Seminar Today - February 1

Holly Hernandez holly2 at uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 1 08:57:59 CST 2016


Monday February 1, 2016
ERC 401

Speaker: Linda Spentzouris (IIT)

Title: Designing materials for particle accelerators

Abstract: Accelerator performance depends largely on the design and materials of its components. A few general examples for illustration will be given. Then, more specifically, an exploration of materials and fabrication techniques and their impact on photocathode performance will be presented. Thin layer deposition of multilayered MgO/Ag/MgO demonstrates layer thickness dependent emission properties. Another specific example of a novel material is the potential use of metamaterials for accelerator applications. The frequency dependent coupling of the material to electromagnetic fields and direction of mode propagation is manipulated by the geometry of the ‘unit cell’. This raises the possibility of new techniques for making customized absorbers or detectors.

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