[Seminars] Particle Physics Seminar Today! - April 11

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Mon Apr 11 09:20:45 CDT 2016


Monday April 11, 2016
ERC 401

Speaker: Luca Grandi (UChicago)

Title: Hunting for dark matter with two-phase noble liquid detectors

Abstract: Dark matter is out there waiting to be detected. One approach to its detection is to deploy low-radioactivity detectors, operated in underground labs, that are sensitive to possible rare, low-energy interactions between ordinary and dark matter.

The use of noble liquid targets in a two-phase Time Projection Chamber represents one of the leading avenues of research among direct dark matter searches. During the seminar I will review the basics of the technique, highlighting similarities and differences between argon and xenon targets. I will then present the most recent accomplishments of the DarkSide-50 program, an argon-based search presently operating at Gran Sasso Laboratory. I will then report about the status of the XENON1T experiment, which is currently being filled with liquid xenon and is expected to soon begin probing unexplored regions of the dark matter parameter space.

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