[Seminars] Reminder: HEP Seminar Today!

Holly Hernandez holly2 at uchicago.edu
Mon Sep 28 08:50:57 CDT 2015

Hi all!

Today is the kick-off seminar with guest speaker, Claudio Pellegrini from UCLA / SLAC.

Title: Particle accelerators, colliders, X-ray FELs: steps in Homo Sapiens evolution

Abstract: We review the history and development of particle accelerators, colliders, X-ray FELs, powerful instruments extending our senses, giving us unprecedented capacity to see and explore the world of nuclear and subnuclear particles and the structures and dynamics of molecular processes of interest to biology, physics and chemistry. We introduce some basic physical properties of the particle and photon beams in these systems, and discuss how self-organizing, collective effects play an important role in determining their characteristics and limitations.

The whole event will take place in KPTC 206.

  *   3:00 – 3:30      Refreshment
  *   3:30 – 3:50      Rocky Kolb / Don Levy's remarks and introduction of the UChicago accelerator program
  *   3:50 – 5:00      Seminar by Claudio Pellegrini, UCLA/SLAC
     *   "Particle accelerators, colliders, X-ray FELs: steps in Homo Sapiens evolution" and Q&A
  *   5:00 – 5:45      Reception


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