[Seminars] HEP Seminar Today - Oct 26

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Mon Oct 26 10:13:33 CDT 2015


Monday October 26, 2015
ERC 401

Speaker: Ronald Lipton (Fermilab)

Title: Trends in Silicon-Based Detectors

Abstract: Particle Physics detectors are getting bigger.  The next generation of collider experiments will require huge areas of complex silicon sensors and electronics ~ 200 m2 each for the ATLAS and CMS trackers + 600 m2 for the CMS High Granularity Calorimeter.  Detectors also have to get smarter, with information filtering moving from racks in the counting room to intelligent detector/readout integrated systems. They will also have to get faster. Event pileup may reach 200 interactions per 25 ns crossing. To mitigate the resulting confusion we want to tag arrival times of tracks and showers to the ~20 picosecond level. Finally they have to get cheaper. I will summarize R&D on silicon-based detectors that promises a way forward to more capable and affordable detector systems

If you’re interested in joining the guest speaker for dinner, please email me and/or Mark Oreglia.
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