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Monday November 9, 2015
ERC 401

Speaker: Mayly Sanchez (Iowa State University)

Title: First Results from the NOvA experiment

Abstract: Neutrinos remain the least understood of all fundamental particles. During the past decade, accelerator-based experiments have played a fundamental role in confirming neutrino flavor change first observed from natural sources. Today, a new generation of accelerator experiments is set to explore the physics of neutrino oscillations with unprecedented precision. The NOvA experiment, in particular, analyzes the most intense neutrino beam currently in operation at two different off-axis locations: at Fermilab, close to the beam production, and 810 km downstream in Northern Minnesota. In its first year of operation NOvA has begun probing the ordering of the neutrino masses, the existence of CP violation in the leptonic sector and other key neutrino properties. In this talk, I will present the very first results of the NOvA experiment in the context of the current neutrino oscillation landscape. I will also discuss how NOvA combined with other experiments is providing clues to the puzzle of the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe.

If you’re interested in joining the guest speaker for dinner, please email me and/or Mark Oreglia.
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