[Seminars] HEP Seminar Monday - March 2

Holly Hernandez holly2 at uchicago.edu
Fri Feb 27 09:27:22 CST 2015


Monday March 2, 2015
LASR 162

Speaker: Benjamin Hooberman (UIUC)

Title: Recent Results from LHC Dilepton+Jets+ETmiss SUSY Searches

Abstract: The discovery of a Higgs boson at the LHC has answered critical open questions in the standard model. Despite strong evidence that the standard model is incomplete, no compelling evidence for beyond-the-standard model physics has been observed. However, two recent searches from CMS and ATLAS in the dilepton + jets + ETmiss final state have uncovered moderate excesses with respect to standard model predictions, at the level of ~2.5-3.0sigma. This talk will discuss the strategy, background estimation, and results of these searches, as well as possible signal interpretations in supersymmetric models.

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