[Seminars] HEP Seminar Today - April 6

Holly Hernandez holly2 at uchicago.edu
Mon Apr 6 10:04:58 CDT 2015


Monday April 6, 2015
LASR 162

Speaker: Swapan Chattopadhyay (Fermilab)

Title:  Frontiers of Accelerator Science: from High Energy Particle Colliders to Quantum Degenerate Beams

Abstract: I will present the current conception of potential future high energy TeV- scale particle colliders, high intensity proton accelerators and precision storage rings under consideration around the world for exploring the sub-atomic world of elusive forces, symmetries and particles such as the “Higgs”, “Neutrinos” , “Muons” and physics beyond our current understanding . At the foundation of such concepts are the fundamentals of accelerators based upon material and microwave superconductivity, integrable and near-integrable nonlinear dynamics, advanced phase-space control techniques, and various novel concepts of plasmas, materials, bright particle sources, lasers and quantum optics. We will also touch upon some of the emerging ideas of laboratory-based free-electron lasers for various photon sciences and astro-particle physics experiments based on “quantum-degenerate” particle and light beams.

If you’re interested in getting dinner with Dr. Chattopadhyay after the seminar, please let me or Prof. Wah know. Thanks! Everyone will meet at Piccolo Mondo in Hyde Park at 6pm.

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