[Seminars] [UC HEP] Lunch Seminar (Special Time + Bonus Seminar)

John Alison John.Alison at cern.ch
Sun Jun 15 21:07:23 CDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,

    This week Richard Hill will tell us about:

 Initiatives with Effective Field Theory and lattice QCD, and implications
for neutrino measurements, DM searches, and more.

In addition to Richard's seminar there will be a talk from David Spergel
about interpretations of the recent Bicep2 results in KPTC 120 at 1pm.
As many of us are interested in attending both seminars we will begin this
weeks lunch seminar promptly at noon to avoid conflict.


Special Seminar on dust in the BICEP2 region.
David Spergel
KPTC Room 120
1:00 - 2:00

University of Chicago
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