[Seminars] [HEP Theory Seminar] g-2 Seminar Today 1:30 PM

John Alison John.Alison at cern.ch
Wed Jan 15 10:14:57 CST 2014

>From Richard Hill:

FYI This week's theory seminar may be of interest to some in the HEP
Andrzej is an expert on the theory of muon g-2 and mu to e.   His talk
should be accessible to an experimental audience.

SPEAKER: Andrzej Czarnecki, University of Alberta

TITLE:  “Behavior of muons in an external field”

ABSTRACT: Searches for new phenomena employing muons rely on a good
knowledge of the properties of a muon interacting with an external
electromagnetic field.  Both the static properties (the magnetic moment
described by g-2) and the dynamics of the muon decay are affected by the
environment.  I will review the modifications of g-2 by an external
electric field, important for the future measurement at Fermilab.  I will
also discuss the decay of the muon bound in an atom, especially in
aluminum, to be used in the muon-electron conversion searches.

University of Chicago
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