[Seminars] today's lunch seminar : recent results from T2K

Yasuyuki Okumura Yasuyuki.Okumura at cern.ch
Mon Feb 24 05:47:38 CST 2014

Dear all,

Today's HEP lunch seminar is for the recent results from T2K,
given by Kei Ieki from Kyoto University Japan, as shown below.
Please enjoy the both talks for neutrino oscillation parameter measurements
from T2K (lunch) & Daya Bay (evening HEP seminar) today!

Regards, Yasu

Neutrino oscillation results from the T2K experiment

The T2K experiment is an accelerator based long baseline neutrino
oscillation experiment. The neutrino beam is produced at J-PARC in Tokai,
detected 295 km away from the production target by the
Super-Kamiokande detector. In this talk, we present the latest result
of the muon neutrino disappearance measurement and the electron
neutrino appearance measurement. Muon neutrino
disappearance analyses produce world-leading precision in the
measurement of the neutrino mixing parameter $\theta_{23}$. Moreover,
electron neutrino appearance analyses constrain a CP violating phase
$\delta_{CP}$ by combining our results with the $\theta_{13}$ values
measured by reactor experiments.

University of Chicago - Fermilab - ATLAS
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