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Bjoern Penning penning at cern.ch
Mon Sep 9 09:32:02 CDT 2013

Dear all

We will have the first lunch seminar after the summer break today. Title of
the talk "Laser-driven acceleration". As usual we will meet around noon for
lunch with the talk starting around 12:15pm.
Please see below for the abstract.

 John, Yasu, Bjoern


Continual improvements in particle accelerators over the last century have
driven major discoveries in particle physics. With the size and cost of new
energy-frontier machines based on existing technology becoming prohibitive,
fundamentally new accelerator concepts are being investigated to enable
future high-energy colliders. With the significant advances in laser
technology over the past several decades, laser-driven particle
acceleration has become a highly attractive avenue for research. We present
an overview of two laser-driven accelerator concepts. In dielectric laser
acceleration (DLA), conventional metallic structures operating at microwave
frequencies are replaced by optical-scale dielectric structures. We
describe several possible accelerator configurations and show how concepts
from conventional accelerators can carry over to the optical regime. In
laser-plasma acceleration (LPA), a high-energy laser pulse drives a plasma
wave, leading to extraordinarily high accelerating gradients. We describe
the physics of this process, and review recent advances in the field. For
both accelerator concepts, we discuss the challenges involved in developing
a high-energy collider.
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