[Seminars] Lunch seminar today (Oct/14) : Benjamin Hooberman

Yasuyuki Okumura Yasuyuki.Okumura at cern.ch
Mon Oct 14 07:06:53 CDT 2013

Dear all,

This is an announcement for today's lunch seminar. The talk will start
around 12:15 as usual, given by Benjamin Hooberman about SUSY search at CMS.

Regards, Yasu

Higgs-Motivated Search Strategies for Supersymmetry at CMS

The discovery of a Higgs boson has addressed critical open questions in the
standard model of particle physics, but there is strong evidence that it is
incomplete. In this talk, I will discuss two complementary strategies for
beyond-the-standard model physics searches at the LHC, which are motivated
by the Higgs boson. The first is a direct search for supersymmetric top
quark partners, which may play a key role in stabilizing the Higgs boson
mass at the electroweak scale. The second is a novel approach that uses the
Higgs boson as a probe to search for supersymmetric particles. I will
discuss current results and constraints based on the 8 TeV data sample
collected in 2012, and prospects for discoveries in future data.

University of Chicago - Fermilab - ATLAS
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