[Seminars] HEP lunch seminar today (Oct/7) : Jennifer Thomas

Yasuyuki Okumura Yasuyuki.Okumura at cern.ch
Mon Oct 7 08:38:05 CDT 2013

Dear all,

Today's lunch seminar will be given by Prof. Jennifer Thomas from UCL about
the following topic. As usual we will meet around noon for lunch with the
talk starting around 12:15pm.

CHIPS: Water Cherenkov Detectors in the FNAL neutrino beams.

The FNAL neutrino program stands to be the world's leading facility for the
study of neutrino oscillations for the next 30 years. FNAL produces the
most powerful neutrino beam presently at NuMI and has two experiments
presently benefitting from the produced neutrinos. Allowing experimenters a
seamless access to neutrinos from NuMI and then from LBNE opens up a number
of options for further exploitation of the NuMI beam while LBNE is being
planned and build which would produce world leading results in the interim.
CHIPS is a plan for a very large water Cherenkov detector to be deployed in
a flooded mine quarry in Minnesota which intersects the NuMI beam at an
off-axis angle of 7mr. Its physics reach is complementary to that of NOVA.
It would take data until LBNE came online when it would be redeployed in
the LBNE beam  at a large off-axis angle to study the 2nd oscillation
maximum and again provide complementary information to the Liquid Argon
detector planned for on-axis, underground position.

University of Chicago - Fermilab - ATLAS
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