[Seminars] HEP lunch talk --- undersea neutrino telescopes

Antonio Boveia boveia at hep.uchicago.edu
Sun Oct 9 16:48:36 CDT 2011

The lunch speaker this week will be Miquel Ardid Ramírez (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia/ANTARES/KM3NeT). Miquel will talk about "Undersea Neutrino Telescopes ANTARES and KM3NeT." He has provided an abstract (below). Please join us Monday at 12:15 PM in HEP 323. I'm away this week; Matt will host.

Antonio and Matt

Abstract :

> "We describe the technological and scientific challenges of the
> undersea neutrino telescope ANTARES and KM3NeT. ANTARES is a neutrino
> telescope located in the Mediterranean Sea with the aim of detecting
> high energy neutrinos of extra-terrestrial origin. It is the largest
> one in the Northern hemisphere and consists of a 3D array of 885
> photomultiplier tubes arranged in 12 detection lines, able to detect
> the Cherenkov light induced by upgoing relativistic muons produced in
> the interaction of neutrinos with the surrounding water and
> seabed. The scientific scope of neutrino telescopes is wide, being
> their most relevant goals the search for neutrino astrophysical
> sources and the indirect detection of dark matter particles.  The
> current status of this telescope and the first results are shown.
> Moreover, the deep-sea research infrastructure to be constructed in
> the Mediterranean Sea, KM3NeT, hosting a neutrino telescope with a
> volume of at least one cubic kilometer will be presented as well.
> Finally, we will focus on the acoustic activities in these
> infrastructures, in which our research group is involved. Acoustic
> systems are used to monitor the positions of the optical detection
> modules whose positions vary with time as an effect of undersea
> currents, and may be used for studies towards acoustic detection of
> ultra-high energy neutrinos."

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