[Seminars] HEP lunch talk today --- Marcel Stanitzki, RAL / CALICE

Antonio Boveia boveia at hep.uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 28 08:37:18 CST 2011

The HEP lunch speaker today is Marcel Stanitzki from the Linear Collider Group at Rutherford Appleton Lab. Marcel will talk about "Pixel Detectors for Future Colliders", a subject which has recently expanded to include calorimetry as well as tracking detectors. Please join us today at 12:15 pm in HEP 323 for his talk, which is sure to include many bad jokes...

Also, I'd like to call your attention to a special lunch seminar scheduled for later this week: Albert de Roeck (Antwerp/CERN) will talk about "Searches for New Physics with the CMS Experiment" on Thursday at noon (I'll send out a reminder on Thursday morning).


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