[Seminars] speaker for October 4?

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Great suggestion! Hao wanted to talk on October 5  as part of the theory group 
meeting, but we have an outside speaker on that day. I think he would be very 
interested in giving a talk. His email is 

zhanghao at uchicago.edu


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>Why not try Hao ZHANG.  He is a very bright young theorist
>from China visiting the University.  He has been working
>with me on beyond the standard model things.  We have had
>a lot of interest from some quarters in ATLAS and CMS.
>If you want him, act fast since his visa is expiring and
>he must return to Beijing soon. He spoke once already --
>at MSU -- on this material.
>On Thu, 30 Sep 2010, Antonio Boveia wrote:
>> Are there any volunteers to present something this Monday, October 4? I 
wasn't able to secure the "Uncertainty Principle is Untenable" guy for next week's 
lunch seminar.
>> On October 11 Bjoern Penning from Fermilab will update us on higgs 
searches at the Tevatron.
>> Antonio
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