[Seminars] speaker for October 4?

Ed Berger berger at anl.gov
Thu Sep 30 18:05:00 CDT 2010

Why not try Hao ZHANG.  He is a very bright young theorist
from China visiting the University.  He has been working
with me on beyond the standard model things.  We have had
a lot of interest from some quarters in ATLAS and CMS.
If you want him, act fast since his visa is expiring and
he must return to Beijing soon. He spoke once already --
at MSU -- on this material.


On Thu, 30 Sep 2010, Antonio Boveia wrote:

> Are there any volunteers to present something this Monday, October 4? I wasn't able to secure the "Uncertainty Principle is Untenable" guy for next week's lunch seminar.
> On October 11 Bjoern Penning from Fermilab will update us on higgs searches at the Tevatron.
> Antonio
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