[Seminars] Lunch seminar next Monday

Joe Tuggle jtuggle at uchicago.edu
Wed Jul 8 11:33:09 CDT 2009

Hi everyone,

Since we haven't had a lunch talk in a while I thought I'd send a 
heads-up. Next Monday we'll have David Brookes of UIUC, who will speak 
about "Communicating Physics." We'll meet at the usual place and time.


In this talk, I will explore the role of communication in physics.  We 
communicate physics in different ways and through different signaling 
methods, depending on the audience.  Physics researchers communicate 
with each other through talks, papers, and group discussions. 
Instructors communicate with their students using multiple 
representations of physics knowledge.  What is sometimes overlooked is 
the other direction of communication. Namely, students are also 
continually communicating with their instructors, either by asking 
questions, or through written responses in homework and tests, for example.

In this talk I am going to explore the idea that learning and teaching 
physics can be framed as an act of communicating physics. I will show 
how conceiving of teaching and learning physics in terms of 
communication can help us transform physics instruction.  In addition, 
understanding communication in physics has broader impacts than teaching 
alone.  It can facilitate the process of communication between 
physicists and the how we communicate significant physics ideas to a 
diverse audience.

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