[Seminars] Andrea Pocar (tomorrow Wednesday)

Juan I. Collar collar at uchicago.edu
Tue Nov 27 22:13:25 CST 2007

I believe Andrea has applied for the HEP experimental position. 
Anyone interested in meeting with him (or joining us for a simple 
dinner in Hyde Park) still has a chance between 10-12 or 1:30-2:30, 
just let me know.

>Andrea Pocar
>Stanford University
>"The Enriched Xenon Observatory for Double Beta Decay"
>The Enriched Xenon Observatory (EXO) is a project aiming at 
>detecting neutrinoless double beta decays of Xe-136. A xenon-filled 
>time projection chamber (TPC) supplemented with scintillation light 
>readout detects ionising particle interactions within its volume. 
>When candidate events are recorded, the Ba-136 ion daughters will be 
>identified, event by event, by means of optical spectroscopy. This 
>coincidence technique would allow for a measurement of double beta 
>decays virtually immune to external radioactive contaminations. The 
>EXO collaboration is planning on combining these experimental 
>techniques in a ton-scale Xe detector using a phased approach.
>A smaller detector, EXO-200, employing 200 kg of enriched xenon (80% 
>Xe-136) in liquid form within a TPC with scintillation readout and 
>with no Ba identification, is in advanced stage of assembly. Its 
>cryogenic and xenon handling systems are being re-assembled at the 
>Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) underground site in New Mexico. 
>The central detector is planned to be installed by early 2008. As a 
>parallel effort to EXO-200, strategies for Ba tagging are being 
>developed in the laboratory.
>I will present the EXO experiment in the context of neutrinoless 
>double beta decay searches and describe the EXO-200 detector in 
>detail, discussing its physics goals, experimental challenges, and 
>schedule. I will also illustrate some of the most promising 
>approaches for tagging single Ba ions produced in a ton-scale Xe 
>detector, show milestone results achieved in laboratory setups, and 
>discuss the EXO timeline for the near future.
>  November 28, 2007
>3:30 pm
>RI 480
>Refreshments begin at 3:15 pm


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