[Seminars] HEP lunch seminar today

Erik Brubaker brubakee at fnal.gov
Mon Jan 8 10:36:41 CST 2007

Seminar devotees,

We trust that you all enjoyed the wild festivities of the fun-filled
tradition-steeped year-end holiday party sponsored by your Monday HEP
lunch seminar series--at least those of you who can remember said
festivities (wink wink)!

We start the new year with a talk by one of our many resident CDF trigger
hardware experts, Vadim Rusu, whose title is "Holding onto the Higgs: L2
Trigger Upgrade at CDF".  As always, lunch at noon, talk at 12:15 in HEP

Erik Brubaker
Monday HEP Lunch Seminar Series Social Coordinator and Treasurer

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