[Ftk_hardware] Data Formatter Design Update talk by Jamieson tomorrow at FTK meeting

Tiehui Liu thliu at fnal.gov
Wed Jul 25 22:14:11 CDT 2012

Hi, everyone,

As planned, at tomorrow FTK meeting, Jamieson will give a talk to update the Data Formatter design status. Thanks to the hard work by Jamieson (board design) and Yasu (beam data analysis on bandwidth requirements),
tons of progress have been made recently. We are preparing a long/detailed design specification document (both hardware design details as well as beam data analysis details to support the design), but it is not ready yet. 
We plan to have the document ready next month and by then we will give another update (Yasu will give the talk then).

For those who are interested, please come to the meeting.



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