[Ftk_hardware] crates

Paola Giannetti paola.giannetti at pi.infn.it
Thu Mar 24 09:57:00 CDT 2011

Mel Shochet wrote:
> Thanks Paola.  The biggest concern of the review committee was the 48 
> volts, its grounding and noise issues.  If you think that the power 
> may be a factor of 2 lower, that makes a big difference.
We have to do better tests in stress conditions, but it could be true. 
Obviously this could be true for the old chip and not for the new one, 
we can still need more than 2 pins, but we could find different 
solutions even in the VME crate, if the we find problems with the crate 
we are going to test now. We can fill the crate with many boards and see 
how it works. Changing the wiring of the power is not very expensive.

> On our side, I looked at the ATCA specs for transition boards.  The 
> depth of the card is very small, in all likelihood much too small for 
> all of the functionality we need on the AM AUX card.
> At the April 5 meeting, Ted will talk about the possible use of ATCA 
> in the DF crates.
>                        Regards,
>                        Mel

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