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James Proudfoot proudfoot at anl.gov
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HI Mel,

    9am conflicts with the tile calorimeter operations meeting so I would only be able to participate very occassionally in the FTK meeting if you move it back to that time. At the moment it generally works as the key issues of DAQ/DCS issues and LVPS performance are usually covered in the first hour.


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      Our Japanese colleagues will be making regular presentations at the weekly FTK meetings.  The current starting time of the meeting is midnight in Tokyo!  We are proposing to move the start of the meeting back 1 hour, from Thursday at 10AM Chicago time (1700 European time) to 9AM Chicago time (1600 European time).  The conflicting Italian meeting at that time has been moved.  If I don't hear strong objections in the next few days, we will start at the earlier time next Thursday.



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