[Ftk_hardware] [Ftk_physics_wg] Notes from the Argonne FTK workshop

Paola Giannetti paola.giannetti at pi.infn.it
Sun Dec 4 10:48:45 CST 2011

Hello to everybody,
coming back from the TDAQ week I started to look at the notes. I find 
difficult to follow the discussion, however I would like to underly some 
important points that I am not sure are reported correctly (I understand 
that you need some written description of the LAMB and AMBoard and now I 
plan to provide it quickly):

(1)  from each LAMB 4 road independent serial outputs are provided. Now 
they go to a single DO and TF (a pipeline is provided for each LAMB on 
the AUX board), but in principle, if convenient, they could go to 4 
independent DOs, and TFs.

(2) Each LAMB contains 8 pipelines of 4 AMchips, so each of the four 
LAMB outputs will collect roads from 2 pipelines in parallel, that is 8 

(3) all the numbers you are using are done with the use of just one 
Don't care bit, but Guido did study also the case of 2 Don;t care bits 
and we could even go up to 3.

(4) as I said other times, before simulating a lot more we should check 
that real data with 20 pile-up events gives almost the same results than 


Antonio Boveia wrote:
> In a new "meetings" section on the main FTK twiki page, I've posted my 
> notes on the Q&A from last week's workshop for the US FTK institutions 
> at Argonne. Here is the direct link:
>> https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/Atlas/FastTracker/Notes_from_US_FTK_Workshop_at_Argonne_22_November_2011.pdf
> If I've made mistakes or misrepresented the discussion, please send me 
> any corrections---sometimes it was hard to keep up. 
> Antonio
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>> The agenda page is:
>> https://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=160314
>> The access password is: usFTKanl
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>>                 Mel
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